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Emilea Okayasu


Hi guys! I’m Emilea (pronounced Emily), and I’m a junior at University High School. I’ve been interested in the neurology/psychology field and plan to become a forensic psychiatrist in the future. When I was 5, I heard violinist Sarah Chang playing The Four Seasons and thought it was the prettiest sound I had ever heard. I had already been playing piano since 3 but forced my mom to buy me an incredibly small violin. I’ve been in many ensembles locally and performed in many places in my state. Music has been an outlet for me to express myself in the most authentic way whether it’s through my style, tone, or interpretation. I am able to convey any emotion I feel via a series of notes more accurately than any sentence I can come up with in my head. Especially during these times of uncertainty and frustration, music gives me the gift of consistency and reliability. I’ve got to say this project combines my past, present, and future in terms of ambitions. I’m feeling every adjective relating to ecstatic about LVP and I can’t wait to share the same sentiment with you guys.

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