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Katherine Lin

Graphic Designer; Researcher

Hi! My name is Katherine Lin, and I am a sophomore at Mission San Jose High School. I play the violin mainly, and some viola, double bass, and electric bass on the side. I am part of the California Youth Symphony’s Senior Orchestra, co-concertmaster of my school orchestra, and used to be in my junior high jazz ensemble. I almost always have a song in my head or playing out loud, and what I love about music is all of the meanings, feelings, memories, and so much more that it can hold. I started playing the violin when I was 4, and it’s always been there for me, to celebrate good days, to cry (well, at least for me) over screw-ups together, and just make a mediocre day brighter. Music has given me so many opportunities in life, from performing on world-renowned stages to making new friendships and bonds. I hope that music can always be a part of my life and that it can be a part of everyone’s lives too!

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