Kimi Galang Villegas

Vocal Director

Hi everyone! My name is Kimi, and I will be attending UC Berkeley in the fall, double majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology and Theater and Performance Studies. I am a mezzo soprano vocalist and play piano, guitar, and ukulele. In 4th Grade, I had some pretty mad recorder skills too!  I joined a community theater company when I was 9 and started taking vocal classes when I was 10. Since then, I have performed in over 30 musicals and had my first solo cabaret this past year at a local restaurant. Music to me is a universal language of our souls that enables us to connect with other human beings from all realms of life. Regardless of what I am feeling, music has always been something I rely on to process my emotions. Time and again, it has made me feel fulfilled and has given me true purpose. I’m very grateful to share my heart in song with everyone and to be part of this wonderful project.


Want to collaborate on music videos? Want to explore more about music and the brain? LVP is always looking for new members to add to the team! Whether you have been a musician for your whole life or just starting out, we would love to hear from you!

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