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A summer playlist for your next roadtrip.

by: Nikki Garcia

Highway 1 on the Pacific coastline; you listen to the tides crash against the rocks as the vivid ocean water greets the coarse sand to say hello and promptly leave. The drive is calm, but as evening hits, you and your friends passionately sing your hearts out. Night soon hits and the car is calm once again.

As described in the description, this playlist features a variety of songs you and your friends can chill and jam to during your next summer road trip. For the best listening experience, it is best to listen to this playlist unshuffled. This playlist will simulate the vibes of being on a real roadtrip (unless you’re planning to go on one soon). I will share some of my favorites that are perfect for your summer playlist!

1. “Freaking Out the Neighborhood” by Mac DeMarco (

“Freaking Out the Neighborhood” by Mac DeMarco is an upbeat song with a catchy guitar riff popularized by trending social media, TikTok. DeMarco wrote the song as an apology for being a ‘weird kid’ during his childhood. Although it serves as an apology to his parents, the instrumental is quite delightful to listen to if you’re into pop music.

boy pablo’s B-side track, “Dance, Baby!” is another upbeat song about “a lonely guy” who’s in love with someone in a relationship with another guy. He wishes to be able to dance with her, instead of watching her with that other guy. If you’re into groovy, brisk songs with heartbreak and an energetic chorus, this may be for you!

3. “Get You” by Daniel Caesar (ft. Kali Uchis) (

Nominated for Best R&B Performance, “Get You,” written by Daniel Caesar and Kali Uchis is about Caesar meeting a girl who passionately loved him, but felt undeserving. In his interview with Billboard, Caesar explains, “I met a girl and got very involved. She brought things and feelings out of me that I didn't know I had. 'Get You' is a song of praise to a love I didn't even feel I deserved at the time.” For those who enjoy R&B/Soul with meaningful lyrics, “Get You” will make your next drive on the pacific coastline feel tranquil.

4. “Greek Tragedy” by The Wombats (remix by Oliver Nelson) (

“We’re smashing mics in karaoke bars, you’re running late with half your make-up on.” These are the recognizable lyrics from, “Greek Tragedy,” an Alternative/Indie hit popularized by TikTok. The original track was released in the UK on January 14, 2015 as the lead single from The Wombats’s third studio album, Glitterbug. The song became popular in late December when TikTok users started using it in their content. Even today, the electronic tune of this song is fantastic to vibe to, even just to brighten up your day.

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