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Free Music Lessons

By Cienna Vang

Music lessons can be very costly, averaging 55 dollars, ranging from 30-80+ dollars. Here are some music lesson programs that are free.

Opportunity Music project-

The Opportunity Music Project is a program which provides free music lessons. Not only that, they also provide full scholarships for music students that are in need. On the website, you can find upcoming dates for lessons this year.

Kingdom First Homeschool

Kingdom First Homeschool has a list of websites that provide free, pre-recorded guitar lessons. It is not as useful as someone working with you in real time, however, it allows you to not pay and go at your own pace.

Music Link foundation

Music Link Foundation is a program which reaches out to low-income families that want music lessons. If you register, you will be taught by professional musicians at no cost. On the website, you can register and look up more about it.

These are just a few websites that can do no damage to your bank account if you want music lessons. All these lessons are free and beneficial to students who want ot learn or continue music.

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