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LVP Member Spotlight: Caitlyn Lopez

Caitlyn Lopez - Social Media Director of LVP

Miya: Hi Caitlyn! It is so nice to be able to hear from you today! Can you please introduce yourself?

Caitlyn: Hey guys! My name is Caitlyn Lopez and I am a 21 year old student at City College of San Francisco. I am majoring in Business/Entrepreneurship. I have been involved in music officially since the age of 7!

Miya: So Caitlyn, what first got you into music?

Caitlyn: My mom would always sing to me as a baby! Every night. Eventually, I started singing to her. A musical theatre director lived in the apartment above us and invited me to come try out for a musical, and the rest was history.

Miya: Awww that is very sweet. Can you share a memorable story or personal experience you’ve had in your music journey.

Caitlyn: I’d have to say one of my favorite moments in my musical journey would have to be getting a couple of lead roles at Roger Rocka’s. I grew up dreaming of performing there, and can still hardly believe that I’ve done it!

Miya: That’s awesome! And Caitlyn, I am curious about what inspired you to be a part of LVP?

Caitlyn: As someone who struggles with mental health issues, I know firsthand how music can change your life. I want to educate people on this and also, stay involved in a musical community during COVID!

Miya: I totally agree! Can you share some of your exp

erience in LVP, what do you enjoy the most about this organization?

Caitlyn: I am new to the LVP team, but I absolutely love it. Everyone is so passionate about their work, and insanely talented. We have a phenomenal team and I am so grateful for each member! My favorite part of LVP is hearing the new music that our team works so hard on!

Miya: Where do you see the organization in the future?

Caitlyn: I see LVP being a big name in mental health and music. LVP was started by an amazing group of talented, young individuals and I see them giving back to their communities for a long time to come.

Miya: Awesome! Now let’s move on to the fun questions! What’s one of your favorite pieces of music?

Caitlyn:One of my favorite pieces of

music that has helped me through a lot is the album CTRL by SZA! That is the album that gets me through hard days!

Miya: If you can attend any concert in the world, who’s concert would you attend?

Caitlyn: Definitely SZA as well, need to hear my favorite album live!!

Miya: What is your take on the power of music?

Caitlyn: Music is an escape from reality. No matter what is going on in life, music allows us to live freely through others, feel emotions we never would have felt before, learn about ourselves, and more. Music is also a great coping mechanism, if you have some others in place as well!

Miya: And that wraps up our interview! Thank you so much Caitlyn for sharing your insights! Leave a final message for our readers!

Caitlyn: Thank you so much

for taking the time to read my interview! Follow us on social media if you don't already for fun facts, tips, and more!

Thank you so much for your time!!!

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