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Member Spotlight Feature: Catherine Kong

By Nikki G 210506

Member Spotlight Feature: Catherine Kong

Catherine Kong, Education & Advocacy Director

Nikki: First, please introduce yourself (include your name, age, school & role in LVP - if you’re comfortable!)

Catherine: Hi everyone! My name is Catherine, and I am an education and advocacy director for LVP! Currently, I attend Bridgewater-Raritan High School in New Jersey as a sophomore.

Nikki: Awesome, I’m a sophomore too! What inspired you to get into music?

Catherine: When I was younger, I grew up around music- my brother played the piano and the French horn, and my parents listened to music 24/7, whether it was on the radio or in concert. So when I was in the first grade, my mom enrolled me in piano lessons. However, I soon realized that the piano wasn’t the right instrument for me, so I switched to the violin after a month.

Nikki: Ah, I’ve had a similar environment. Can you share a memorable story/personal experience you’ve had in your music journey?

Catherine: One of the most memorable moments I’ve had was the first time I played in a symphony orchestra. I love playing solo violin pieces, but it definitely hits different when you’re engaging with other instruments, creating a powerful, flowing symphony. I’ve missed playing in an orchestra so much this year!

Nikki: Awe, you have guts for solo pieces! I totally agree, playing in an orchestra is an astounding experience. So, what inspired you to become a part of LVP?

Catherine: I joined LVP so that I could combine two of my passions: music and mental health. From my personal experience, I was never taught about mental disorders beyond depression and anxiety, even in health class. In fact, I only found out after 3 years that my abnormal behavior was a symptom of a specific mental illness after reading a book that mentioned it and then scouring the Internet myself. However, through LVP, I am able to change this for others- I can increase mental health awareness, and I get to connect it with music!

Nikki: Wow, thank you for sharing that with us! That’s very thoughtful of you. Can you share some of your experiences in LVP, and what do you enjoy most about this organization?

Catherine: What I love about the organization is how we link music with mental health. I think that lots of times, people tend to believe that medical treatment is the sole option to improve mental and physical health. However, through my research, I’ve learned that music can have a plethora of benefits for not only the mind, but the body!

Nikki: That’s so true! I definitely agree. Time for fun questions now! What’s one of your favorite pieces/songs?

Catherine: Ooh, I have so many! I’d say any song by Conor Matthews is one of my favs! You should go check out his music!

Nikki: You read that guys, check him out! I definitely will. If you could attend any concert in the world, who’s concert would you attend?

Catherine: If he begins performing live, I would definitely go to Conor Matthews’ concert!

Nikki: Awesome, what is your take on the power of music?

Catherine: Some of the best aspects of music are its universality and its versatility (that’s a mouthful to say haha). Recently, I’ve been watching lots of movies during quarantine, and I’ve noticed how powerful music can be in certain scenes. It’s incredible how a couple of notes can make you feel fearless at one moment, and then make you cry the next. Not only that, but it comes in so many forms- classical, pop, country, rock, etc. I don’t think I’ve met a single person who doesn’t enjoy listening to music, simply because there are so many options to choose from!

Nikki: That’s all the questions for our interview! Thanks to our lovely education and advocacy director, Catherine Kong, for sharing with us today! Do you have any final messages to add?

Catherine: Thanks for reading! If you also share a passion for music and mental health, join LVP!

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