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Tips for Meditation

By Cienna Vang

Meditation is to “to engage in contemplation or reflection” according to Merriam Webster. There are many ways to meditate. Methods such as Metta meditation ( also known as loving-kindness meditation), body scan (also known as progressive relaxation), mindfulness meditation, breath awareness meditation, Kundalini yoga, Zen meditation, adn transcendental meditation, are a few methods that one can meditate. However, when meditating, what are you suppose to listen to? Here are a few music genres and playlist recommendations that you can listen to as you meditate.

1. Indian classical music. Indian classical music has a two foundation elements; raga and tala. The raga within the music creates intricate melodic structures. The tala on the other hand measures the time cycle. With these two factors, they together create beautiful music. Music can range from a woman singing homophonically with instruments playing the background, instruments playing together, and more. Here are a few videos exemplifying Indian classical music.

2. Gregorian Chant. Gregorian Chant is sang by a timbre (a all male choir) that sings in a church. Sometimes, there would be all women choirs or mixed choirs that sang. They mostly sang in churches to aid prayers. Gregorians Chants sound very free-flowing, like a river flowing. Here are some examples of the great composer, Hilegrad of Bingen.

3. Sounds of Nature. Sounds of Nature is simply the sounds of nature. Many outdoor living things, such as birds, trees brustling, and more, can be heard. One option to hear the sounds of nature is stepping outside or opening your window! Another option is to hear the listed videos linked below.

4. Instrumental music. Instrumental music can range from any instrument; violins, violas, cellos, bass, flute, guatiras, piano, and more! All these instruments can be played as a solo or even together! Beethoven and Mozart are some older composers to listen to. However, there are some modern composers such as Joe Hisaaishi who creates beautiful music!

5. Christian music. Christian music aren't just for christians to listen to: it can be anyone! Christian music is usually sang by a person or persons in church. They usually sing music relating to God, hope, and more. There is no harm if you listen to Christian music. Here are some beginning Christian songs that you can listen.

The genres are limited to what you can listen to other than this list. However, with these genres listed, they allow you to feel better mentally and physically. Using music can reduce stress, heal your body and mind, better diet, balances with emotions, improves concentration and intimacy, remain calm, and help you sleep better. Have fun with meditating!

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