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Top five underrated genres

By Cienna Vang

There are many genres that are listened to in today’s world. For example, genres such as pop, rap, K-pop are a few common genres that are heard daily. However, there are a selection of genres that are underrated, some being unheard of. Here is a list of genres that you may or may not have heard of before that are underrepresented.

1. Classical-

The classical genre has been around for many centuries, starting in the 5th Century, CE. Composers such as Bach and Mozart, have created beautiful, empowering music with a mix of rhythm and notes with string and wind instruments.

2. Progressive rock

Progressive rock (also known as prog rock), is a subgenre of rock. Prog rock focuses on emphasizing compositions, new concepts, and musical virtuosity. Bands such as Crimson, Pink Floyd, and Genesis use prog rock to emphasize their ideas.

3. Progressive metal

Progressive metal (also known as prog metal), is also a subgenre of rock. It is a fusion of heavy metal with progressive rock. Devin Townsend, Dream Theater, and Symphony X are a few composers that have created prog metal music with a loud “aggression” and amplified guitar sound.

4. Jazz

Jazz is a wide-range genre that is created from complex harmony, syncopated rhythms, and improvisation. Jazz can be heard in many forms, either through voice or/and instruments. Jazz composers Carla Bley, Herbie Hancock, and John Coltrone are a few that have created amazing jazz music.

5. Chill step

Chill step is a subgenre of dubstep. Unlike dubstep, which has strong, syncopated beats with a strong base line, chill step is less intense. The syncopated beats and baseline are still present, however, and have the qualities of ambient music which is more relaxing.

*ambient music- a genre of music that emphasizes town and atmosphere, which lacks net composition, beat, or structured melody

There are many other genres of music that may not be heard in everyday life. There are 1300-1500 genres that do exist. However, these are the few genres that are not so well known or heard.

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