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LVP Conversations

This was a new series that was started in July to highlight some stories and perspectives of musicians in our community. Each episode would feature a special guest whom we would share thoughts and experiences with. 

Below are some of our latest conversations!

Our first episode of LVP Conversations features Rei Hotoda, as she shares her thoughts regarding music-making during the COVID-19 pandemic, BIPOC mental health awareness month, and the impacts of music on mental health.

Our second episode of LVP Conversations features Madelene Raneses, as she shares her thoughts regarding majoring in music therapy, using music to benefit speech, communication, and cognition, and engaging in music therapy during quarantine.

Our third episode of LVP Conversations features Jason Simbre, as he shares his thoughts regarding majoring in psychology, maintaining mental health during quarantine, and how the youth can promote music and mental health awareness.

On this 4th episode of LVP Conversations, we are very excited to have Betsy Bizarro share her experiences with traumatic brain injury, her passion for nature and the environment, and her thoughts on music therapy as a healing mechanism for the brain.

Coming Soon!

We're delighted to have Dr. Lisa Wong as our guest for this episode, as she shares her thoughts on integrating music into educational and healthcare settings, being an active member of a musician-physician orchestra, and balancing musical endeavors while pursuing a medical career.

Coming Soon!

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