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Catherine Kong

Researcher; Music Video Collaborator 

Hi!! My name is Catherine Kong and I am a sophomore at Bridgewater-Raritan Regional High School, NJ. I was introduced to instrumental music at age 6 when I first laid fingers on a piano. However, I soon quit after a month of frustration and rage over a penguin song in my book. It was then that my mom claims she suggested that I try a string instrument, and ever since then, I have been playing the violin. Despite the ups and downs of these past years, I have come to love the instrument, especially when I am able to participate in ensembles such as NJYS, CJMEA, NJMEA, and my own school’s symphony orchestra! Outside of music, I am also passionate about promoting mental health awareness, especially since mental illnesses are not covered in many schools’ curriculums despite their equal importance to physical health. I hope to erase such stigmas one step at a time, and am so grateful to have this opportunity to use my musical experience so that I may increase awareness surrounding mental health issues!

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