Catherine Kong

Researcher; Music Video Collaborator 

Hi!! My name is Catherine Kong and I am a sophomore at Bridgewater-Raritan Regional High School, NJ. I was introduced to instrumental music at age 6 when I first laid fingers on a piano. However, I soon quit after a month of frustration and rage over a penguin song in my book. It was then that my mom claims she suggested that I try a string instrument, and ever since then, I have been playing the violin. Despite the ups and downs of these past years, I have come to love the instrument, especially when I am able to participate in ensembles such as NJYS, CJMEA, NJMEA, and my own school’s symphony orchestra! Outside of music, I am also passionate about promoting mental health awareness, especially since mental illnesses are not covered in many schools’ curriculums despite their equal importance to physical health. I hope to erase such stigmas one step at a time, and am so grateful to have this opportunity to use my musical experience so that I may increase awareness surrounding mental health issues!


Want to collaborate on music videos? Want to explore more about music and the brain? LVP is always looking for new members to add to the team! Whether you have been a musician for your whole life or just starting out, we would love to hear from you!

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