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Hope Yuan

Social Media Director; Financial Manager

Hi everyone! I'm Hope, and I'm a rising freshman at the University of Notre Dame, where I'm double majoring in Finance and Violin Performance. My musical journey first started when I began piano at age four. Although I absolutely loved (and still love) piano, I wanted to play a more "fun" instrument so I started violin when I was ten. It was definitely one of the best decisions I've ever made! Violin has given me so many opportunities and wonderful people in my life. During high school, I've served as the concertmaster for the California All-State Orchestra (CASMEC) in 2018, starred as a soloist with the UHS symphony orchestra twice, and placed in regional and state solo competitions. I love music because it allows you to create a unique bond with people you're playing with. Because of that, one of my favorite aspects of music is playing in different orchestras and quartets. I hope to communicate our mutual love for music and each other through our performances and outreach!

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