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Nora Lee

Regional Director | New Jersey

Nora is a rising sophomore at Peddie School who lives in New Jersey and has been playing the violin for 10 years now. As a kid, she was tricked into learning how to play the violin and hated practicing. However, she started to foster a love for the instrument when she played in an orchestra for the first time in the beginning of middle school. As she began to love her instrument, she participated in the regional orchestra for New Jersey (CJMEA) for four years and was the concertmaster of the New Jersey all-state orchestra (NJMEA) in 2019. Nora also participated in various competitions including the Golden Key Music Festival, NJMTA Composer Commissions Competition, the NJMTA Spring Recital Audition, and the NJMTA Young Musicians Competition. Last year, she further developed a passion for her instrument when she went on tour to Japan with the Bravura Youth Orchestra. Now, as a passionate violinist and child lover, she also volunteers at Love Violin for Children USA and teaches elementary school students. In Nora's free time, she likes to play volleyball, hike, go to the beach, and eat ice cream!

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